Do You Have the Right Listing Agent?

We encourage you to compare realtors, you need to know who is handling your transaction! We believe in non-stop professional development while some agents only take minimal classes to maintain their license. Real Estate is an ever-changing industry and your market area is no different. Any realtor can list a house but, you need a TRUE PROFESSIONAL with integrity. Customer satisfaction and referrals are our priority. Keep your equity where it belongs - in your pocket!

FREE In-Home Consultations!

When selling your property, you NEED a well-rounded professional with more than just sales experience. Part of our consultation process involves enlisting experts in multiple professions to ensure your home is highly marketable. We have a Licensed Appraiser and Professional Inspector on staff. We can educate you on how to get the most BANG for your buck! Choosing Blue Tag Realty is the RIGHT choice!

Home Listing

Getting Your Home Ready to List!

Every seller wants top dollar for their home and to make a quick sale, but it takes more than luck for this to happen. We know it involves knowledge and planning to professionally spruce up your home to make homebuyers open their checkbooks. We can teach you how to depersonalize, declutter, recommend minor repairs and tips to increase the “Curb Appeal”. Then you will be ready to sit back and let your realtor sell your home!

Review & Negotiate Offers!

Most agents will tell you it is “Industry Standard” for the seller to pay all costs. This IS NOT TRUE! Almost all aspects of a real estate transaction are negotiable. Part of being a true expert is understanding your fiduciary responsibilities to YOUR CLIENT! Simply put, our job is to fight for our clients and facilitate the best deal for you, not us

Offer Acceptance & Successful Closing

Once you accept a suitable offer It's time to start the closing process. Depending on the contract, you may be subject to a home inspection and/or an appraisal. The buyer’s lender may order an appraisal and start processing the loan. The buyer or lender may also require a home inspection. Always remember, unforeseen issues could escalate into some form of a renegotiation or adjustments to your transaction. Fear not, at Blue Tag Realty we diligently try to handle these issues during the negotiation phase to ensure a successful closing. Having appraisal and inspection resources, Blue Tag Realty has the experience you need when reviewing buyer reports and closing the deal.

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