Five Reasons Why Your Home May Not Sell

Have you been discouraged going through all the steps of listing your home for sale? Making accommodations for Open Houses and Showings, only to end up with NO interested buyers? Below is a list of five possible reasons your home has not sold.  We firmly believe that with the right adjustments to your home’s price, staging, condition, or listing, it WILL sell. There is always a buyer for every home!

At Blue Tag Realty our experienced agents would love to provide a free consultation to help you relist your home and ensure that you get to the closing table fast!

*If your home is currently listed with another broker, this media is not intended to solicit that listing and you should discuss your concerns with your agent


The number one reason most homes do not sell is because they are priced too high. Pricing a house too high will not only help other houses in your area sell, it will also cause an increase in market time and low to no offers. An overpriced house not only drives buyers away, it deters potential buyers from viewing your home.

Keep in mind, your home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Factors such as: how much you purchased it for, how much you spent on renovations, that your house is nicer than the one down the street or your emotional attachment should not dictate your listing price. The simple fact is, if people are not offering to buy your house, it may be priced it too high.

At Blue Tag Realty we offer our clients a free appraisal* when listing with us. Getting your home priced competitively will generate interest and possibly lead to multiple offers.

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Photography is your home’s introduction to a potential buyer. Perhaps your previous listing failed to illustrate the best aspects of your home. Pictures taken with smart phones or outdated cameras are no longer acceptable in today’s market. Buyers will lose interest in the listing details if your photos are poor quality. Listing photos should give a true image of your home and the listing should include enough photos that the prospective buyer has an idea of what to expect when they view your home.

For this reason, we hire a professional photographer for every listing. The photos always come back vivid and inviting. In addition to having a listing that captures a potential buyer’s attention, the photos are incorporated in further marketing materials (printed and digital) giving your home the most exposure possible.



Professional pictures can only do so much when it comes to selling a house. Whether you have a kitchen from the seventies full of harvest gold or avocado green, or a lawn filled with overgrown bushes and shrubs, if you have not gone to the effort to make your home more appealing, you cannot expect to attract potential buyers.

Motivated sellers in your area are cleaning their homes and resolving deferred maintenance. If you want to be competitive, you will need to do the same.

A free consultation with us can help you determine what needs renovating and what needs polishing. You may just need professional cleaning and/or a fresh coat of paint.


Your Home Does Not Show Well:

EXTERIOR: First impressions matter! If a buyer walks up to your front door and the yard is not maintained or the facade is run-down, they are automatically turned off. Your home should appeal to a buyer from the minute they pull into the driveway. This means the yard is cut and edged and the bushes are trimmed and well kept. Flowers and landscaping will allure buyers as well. All deferred maintenance should be cured before your house goes on the market. This means replacing any rotten trim boards, replacing broken or damaged windows, power washing your driveway, and fixing anything that buyers could deem unattractive of poorly maintained. Remember – buyers will pay top dollar for homes that are in excellent condition.

INTERIOR: Part of showing a home requires the Real Estate Agent to help buyer’s picture themselves living in the home. This is difficult to do if sellers leave their personal touches throughout the house or have clutter that prevents the buyer from seeing the property for its full potential.

It can be difficult trying to determine what you should put away and what you may leave out. The agents at Blue Tag Realty can help you establish the best way to present your home to potential buyers.


You Are Not Flexible with your Showings:

Selling a home is inconvenient to say the least. The house must always be clean and show ready and you must be ready to leave at a moment’s notice regardless if it is in the middle of lunchtime or not. Unfortunately, when selling, it is all about the buyer and what is convenient for them. If you turn down a showing, you may be turning away a potential buyer.

Everything on this list can be fixed when working with the right Real Estate Agent. The experienced agents at Blue Tag Realty will help guide you through the entire listing process. We will advise you on the listing price, consult with you on your staging and curb appeal, hire a professional photographer, manage the marketing and provide feedback from every showing. Working with the Realtors® at Blue Tag Realty and making the right adjustments, your home WILL sell!