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Advantages of Using a Buyer’s Agent

The advantage to signing a Buyer’s Agency Agreement is that you will have a professional agent working to find and secure the ideal home for you. Your agent will shield you against aggressive listing agents, negotiate with experience and skill, and have exclusive fiduciary responsibility to YOU! You won’t need to spend endless evenings and weekends running around looking for homes or trying to search computer networks by yourself. When you tour homes with your professional Buyer’s Agent, you will already know that the homes meet your criteria and are within your price range.  It is much easier to find a home that meets your needs, negotiate a contract, and close the transaction with an experienced agent by your side.


Obtain Financial Pre-Approval

The first step in the process of buying a home is obtaining preapproval for a mortgage from a financial institution. When applying for a mortgage ask about first-time homebuyer programs, mortgage certificates, and any other programs offered that may help you with closing costs, down payment assistance, or lower monthly payments. Once you are preapproved, you will receive a preapproval letter. You will need this letter to view houses and to make an offer on the home you would like to purchase.


Find an Agent You Can Trust

If you do not choose Blue Tag Realty, find a Broker/Realtor® that has your best interest in mind. You will want an agent that is knowledgeable and able to answer any questions you may have. When you choose us you will sign a "Buyer's Representation Agreement" to ensure that you are properly represented during your entire real estate transaction. The Buyer’s Rep Agreement ensures that your agent works for you by doing exactly what you ask in a real estate transaction, being loyal and working for YOUR best interest, disclosing important information (even if it means changing a purchase decision), keeping ALL your information confidential, and by being accountable and reliable.

Select and View Properties

After you have discussed the area you wish to live and the type of property you are looking to buy, your agent will search for homes that fit your criteria and schedule appointments to view the houses. This is the fun part! You will tour homes with your agent and narrow down your choices.

Write an Offer to Purchase

After you find a house you love, your Realtor® will help you write and present your offer. If needed, your agent will help you negotiate and make any counter offers. Once the offer is accepted by both parties, inspections and appraisals are scheduled, and financing is finalized.


Close the Deal

Your agent will coordinate between you and the Title Company to schedule your Closing. Prior to Closing you will receive the Closing Disclosure which outlines the details of your new mortgage loan. It will include your loan terms, projected monthly payments, and your closing costs. To help ensure a smooth closing process you should avoid changing jobs, switching banks, paying off existing accounts unless your lender requests it, and avoid making large purchases.

Attend closing and take possession of your new home!

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